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Exhibition: Bye Gone Days x Tropical Jet Set

Mark Gabriel: Bye Gone Days x Tropical Jet Set

November 12 – December 7, 2020

120 Heroico Colegio Militar

Todos Santos, B.C.S, Mexico

For the grant reopening of Galeria Militar on November 12th, the gallery presents BYE GONE DAYS, by artist owner Mark Gabriel. Doubling its size, the gallery also broadens its mission and is planning a new season of exhibitions, featuring both local resident of Todos Santos as well as inviting international artists to be discover. The relaunch of the gallery showcases a new series by Gabriel featuring socialites of the tropical jet-set which he started working on in the early days of 2020 by that has since acquired an additional layer of meaning due to the global pandemic.

This exhibition reflects on the time in which we currently live and revisit a gone era. It is a new experience to be living through such dramatic change. In a few short months, we find ourselves living in the present and a by gone age simultaneously. Gone suddenly are the new international jet set. The age where we all could count ourselves part of that elite if we wanted to. Travel was cheap, and destinations ripe for the picking. And, again, we feel like things will never be the same.

"My interest in the tropical socialite has much to do with half-forgotten memories. I want to visit the place where the patina’d mirror of our own experience, blurs together with discolored family photos, mingles with glamorous magazine spreads and the silver screen, mixes with rat pack crooners like cocktails made in silver shakers. A dissociative fugue of champagne goblets and Frank Sinatra."

- Mark Gabriel

BIO MARK (b.1972, Toronto, Canada)

Canadian born, Todos Santos based, Mark Gabriel is inspired by his journey through life and the influence that this magico pueblo has have on him. He paints mostly with knife, on scavenged pieces of driftwood or on large wood panel giving gravitas to his work by its chosen support. As he scrape’s and slashes the paint - one can see how essential that energy is to his work. The paint goes on thick and wild, then dabs of precision. Gabriel employs ink, or mono-print, chalk and charcoal and oil stick in addition to acrylic paint.

Galeria Militar

Galeria Militar is activated by its artist and community and is located in the heart of the magico pueblo Todos Santa, B.S.C, Mexico. A place where creative discussions are talking places, it is both a gathering place as well as an exhibition space. With it recently refurbished space, doubling in size, the gallery mission is to showcase authentic local as well as international contemporary art in a collegial manner where collectors, artists and art lovers feel at ease to exchange.

We are happy to invite you to visit the gallery, by respecting the social distancing and sanitary rules currently in place. We are also happy to facilitate your visit of the gallery from the comfort of your home with video tours, and virtual exhibition.

To sign up for the Virtual Exhibition or the Opening, please RSVP here. Places are limited to keep this event safe and friendly!

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